About BotNet Proxy Servers

You should know that using a BotNet proxy server is considered to be illegal and you could be charged with breaking the law for using these servers for surfing the internet. It is highly recommended that you never use a BotNet proxy server since it contains immense risks

At this point, you might be asking yourself a million questions such as - Why are BotNet proxy servers illegal? How do the BotNet servers work? Why are they considered to be a threat? While you can find detailed articles for all your answers on any search engine, this article shall summarize a few important points which you need to understand about the BotNet Servers.

What is a BotNet?

Each and every program and OS has its own vulnerabilities. Hackers across the globe use these vulnerabilities, also termed as exploits in some cases, to secretly install their software on the victims' computer. These softwares work like a robot (also known as a slave BOT). The basic idea is that when the hacker commands this software to perform preallocated work on the victims' computer, the program automatically does the job and sends the results back to the hacker.

You may send a web request (open a web page for example) to the server where the master is located. The master then forwards the request to one of the robots (slave bots) and these robots perform the allocated task on the victim's PC and send the results to the master by opening a web page. Later on, the master will forward you a reply.

Disadvantages of Proxy Servers

Common Problems Encountered While Using BotNet

  1. 1
    Each request is performed using a new slave BOT. As a result, the outgoing IP is constantly changing. Web sites require authenticating, which is impossible because your IP is constantly changing.
  2. 2
    You will have a big delay between your requests and replies. Your request speed depends on the victim's internet connection quality. Master and slave may take a long time to communicate.
  3. 3
    Most important is that you put yourself under high risk for breaking the law when you use BotNet proxy servers.

Repercussions of Using the BotNet

If you ever get caught using these BotNet proxy servers, you will be asked to pay a fine or a penalty. In these cases, it is almost impossible for you to prove whether you have performed any hacking activity or not. The monthly rental price for a dedicated server is close to USD 300. On an average, the BotNet proxy servers use about 5,000 to 10,000 dedicated servers for their illegal work. As a result, you can simply do the math as to the amount of damage claims that you might be facing for using a BotNet Server.