About CoDeeN Proxy Servers

Companies such as PlanetLab provide users with so- called CoDeeN proxy servers. This is a fairly recent development within the last 4 years. Now you can't even find them on Proxy-List.org web site.

Disadvantages of CoDeeN

The biggest problem is that they keep all user activity and even do not hide that. They use it for different purposes according to whatever they like. They can even see your chat messages, emails, and passwords if sent through an SSL.

Of course you could think that you are not doing anything illegal, so what have you got to hide? You may not see any problem at all if they will know what web sites you are browsing, what emails you are sending and even your Facebook password. The problem is, even if your company is honest, there is no guarantee that the logs will be not be stolen by a third party and later used against you.

CoDeeN Is Not Suggested

It is strongly recommended that everyone think twice before using such a service. They do not guarantee that your identity and passwords will be kept private. There is no reason why you should use a service that can't provide you with a sense of security.