Web Anonymizers

Within the last couple of years, anonymizers have become more and more popular among web surfers. They are easy to use and the owners never ask users to pay for their service. The only problem is that not may users realize the risk of using such services and how easy it is to make them safer.

Understanding How Anonymizers Work

Few people know how to select right anonymizer and prevent the theft of their personal information. Just imagine that you want to access Facebook or Bebo from from a place where they are blocked such as a school or workplace. The easiest and cheapest (free) solution seems to be anonymizer.

You may open up the Facebook web site though anonymizer and you enter your user name and password in the fields and press login button, unaware of the possible repercussions. You give your password to them, they don't even have to steal it.

Did you pay attention? Your browser is sending your password to anonymizer web site instead of Facebook and the anonymizer will forward your user name and password to the Facebook web site. You will pass authentication and login to your member area.

You gave your information to a service and there is no guarantee what will happen to it. They can simply save it and later access your information to spam to your friends or some other obnoxious thing.

Hackers Use Anonymizers for Phishing Scams

Web sites which are used to steal your password are called phishing web sites. They look like the original ones and the victim enters his password without hesitations. After 5-10 seconds his password automatically changes and he loses access to his account. Browsers (like Firefox start blocking such web sites automatically, warning users about possible phishing.

Hackers found a solution. Instead of creating such a phishing web site, they use fake anonymizers to steal the password. A hacker only needs about 10 USD for one domain, and 5 USD for a small shared hosting. The PHP script can be installed within 30 minutes. The hacker could potentially steal a thousand Facebook accounts for just 15 USD.

Carefully Select Your Anonymizer

If you want to use anonymizer, use only trusted ones. For example if you will see an anonymizer run by unknown person you should never use it. If a big website which is 2-3 years old runs the same service, feel free to use it. The main rule you should use is the web site's reputation's price. For example, the price of FreeProxyList.org reputation is worth USD 50,000. It is useless to use such expensive web site for stealing your Facebook password, which has high value only for you.